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Joint Project “Strengthening Higher Education in BiH”
28 December 2005 – 27 January 2008

This joint project of the European Commission and Council of Europe was launched to assist BiH fulfil its commitments from the Bergen Communiqué in May 2005: namely the preparation and introduction of state-level functions for the recognition of qualifications and for the assessment, evaluation and accreditation in Higher Education, drawing upon best European and international practice. The project’s budget amounted to 364’000 EUR.

Through technical assistance, training and the development of reform tools and guidelines together with BiH partners in higher education the project assisted BiH to enact higher education reforms in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna Process. It has enabled BiH to report considerable progress at the London Conference in May 2007.

The project’s focus
was on three important and interlinked areas within the Bologna Process.

  • The recognition of degrees and study periods which concerns the assessment and recognition of individual degrees and study periods that were obtained abroad, and the provision of similar information to requests from abroad about degrees and study periods obtained in BiH.
  • Quality assurance and accreditation which refers to the evaluation and enhancement of higher education institutions and the study programs they offer.
  • A BiH framework for higher education qualifications which is a single description of an education system that is internationally understood. It sets out benchmarks for knowledge and competences that need to be achieved to obtain an academic qualification or degree and is designed to ensure a consistent use of qualification titles.

The project’s achievements

  • The development of key strategies and guidelines to implement Bologna Reforms in BiH
  • A National Action Plan to improve the procedures related to the recognition of qualifications in line with the Lisbon Recognition Convention (the National Action Plan is a document submitted by each member of the Bologna Process in December 2006 with their bi-annual progress report on Bologna reforms)
  • A template (model) for the Diploma Supplement issued by BiH universities
  • A users’ manual for the Diploma Supplement
  • BiH standards and guidelines for quality assurance in higher education
  • Recommendations for their implementation
  • A generic Framework of higher education qualifications in BiH
  • Recommendations for its implementation

These documents were developed in a bottom-up process. They were produced by BiH working groups that involved all public universities in BiH, students, state and entity ministries and 6 international CoE experts. The documents were approved by all public universities, all ministries in charge of education and the Brčko District and adopted by the Council of Ministers of BiH on 27 December 2007. The adoption of the documents was therefore a 'confirmative' act rather than a 'normative' top-down decision.

  • in the area of information provision and recognition, capacity building in the Ministry of Civil Affairs (staff training and technical assistance to adequately respond to requests from abroad; help with establishing a webpage, inclusion of BiH on the ENIC-NARIC network and website, see
  • in all three core areas of the project, capacity building within ministries and universities through the BiH working groups and trainings by international experts and set up of a group of "Bologna promoters" among public universities (one initial training and provision of dissemination tools)
  • in the areas of recognition and quality assurance, elaboration of detailed recommendations for establishing the ‘Agency for the Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance’ and the ‘Centre for Information and Recognition of Documents’ prescribed by the Framework Law for Higher Education in BiH from August 2007.

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